Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fuzzy Flannel Flowers

This rag style quilt I made with three layers of flannelet fabric quilted together in a spiral pattern. I then pieced together the squares, clipping the seams every 1/4 inch before machine washing and drying it to create the chenille texture.

Quilt Stats:

Started: March 17, 2011

Finished: March 28, 2011

Size: Baby size 40"X 40"

Special details: layered fabric flowers

Quilting: Machine - spiral pattern

Close-up of flower detail


  1. Neat quilt, looks like it feels very soft and comfy. Just wondering on the details - each square was assembled & quilted, then put together like a regular quilt front would be, except seams on the right side, with no added backing? Also, are the flower squares a total of 12 layers when finished? Thanks.

    1. yes, you are correct! The seams, where they intersect get to be quite bulky and hard to sew.