Saturday, July 22, 2017

Airplane II

New airplane quilt only with cute little airplane applique as well!  This was my first quilt done with Quilter's Creative Touch software which is the computerized upgrade to my quilting machine. Wow!! I love it!  So many possibilities for creativity!  I am excited to keep trying out new quilting designs.

This quilt is available in my store!

Started: May 2017
Finished: June 2017
Fabric: Various with orange large dot flannel backing
Quilting: Soft zigzag wave done with Quilter's Creative Touch on my Q'nique 14+.

Airplane I


Airplane quilt made for my shop but it has already sold.  New one is in the shop now

Started: Febrary 2017
Finished: Febrary 2017
Fabric: various
Pattern: windmill blocks
Quilting: 2" Zigzag with pattern perfect on my Q'nique 14+

Saffie's flower Quilt

Peach and aqua with grey and grey flannel backing

Started: August 8th 2016
Finished: Febrary 2017
Size: Lap size 50 x60
Fabric: various peach, aqua, grey
Pattern: hexagon stars and flowers applique with hand embroidery
Quilting: free-motion daisy and loop design using my Qnique 14+

Counting Sheep - yellow

This one is a yellow, mint green and gray version of the counting sheep quilt.  Lots of soft neutral colors and a cream flannel backing.

Started: Feb 1, 2017
Finished: Feb 23,  2017
Baby Size: 38" x 38"
Details: Applique fleece sheep with hand embroidery
Quilting: Cinnamon bun swirl, free-motion design on Q'nique 14+
Fabric: Variety of yellow, grey, cream and white cottons with white fleece sheep

Cambri's Quilt

Going back to eventually fill in all the quilts that missed being recorded. Here is a quilt from 2014 that I made for my sister's baby.

Started February 2014
Finished March 2014
Size: Baby 40 x40
Quilting: Stippling
Fabric: Variety
Pattern: Own design with sashing

Special Order Boys Quilts

These two quilts are for brothers.  Although they are not twins, they are close in age and share a bedroom.

Both are made with half-square triangles but arranged differently. One in a chevron fashion and the other in hour-glass pattern.

Size: Lap size 50 x 60
Fabrics : Various grey fabrics with turquoise flannel back and polka dot flannel
Quilting: simple stipple quilting
Applique: Elephant applique on the back with their names done in raw edge applique with hand embroidery

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Charity quilts 2015

A  few friends and I were donated a whole box of scraps of baby flannel prints. Having already past the baby phase with our own kids and not yet reached the baby phase with grandkids, we decided to make them into quilts to donate.  We found a group of women in our city who were already doing just that and joined them to create a big load of baby quilts to donate to the local Ronald McDonald House and Inn from the Cold, a program helping homeless children and their families.  Here a just a few of the over 50 quilts that were created to donate.

Started: January 2015
Donated: March 2016
Size: Baby or crib size usually 35-40" x 35-60"
Quilting: Variety
Fabric: Variety of donated flannel